All Things Green

As I’ve been trying to get our property more aesthetically pleasing, I’ve been in the process of planting a plethora of evergreens. I’m building a coniferous forest around us! I’ve always loved the formal look of the European gardens with their stately evergreens dominating the landscape. Whether it be a 10 foot by 10 foot … Continue reading All Things Green

Garden Fountain

I’ve wanted a garden fountain for about 15 years now and today my wish came true. Happy Mother’s Day to me!Β  There’s nothing wrong with dreaming because sometimes our dreams really do come true. ✨ Happy decorating. Caprice~Cailin Design Continue reading Garden Fountain

Adding a British Empire Look to Your Home

I’ve always loved the British Empire/British Colonial look! As Britain conquered and obtained land throughout the world, traditional English decor was mixed with influences of the area conquered, such as parts of: Asia, Africa, India and the South Pacific Islands. The British Empire style has several identifying elements including: carved dark wood furniture, desks and … Continue reading Adding a British Empire Look to Your Home