Aged Treasures

4 thoughts on “Aged Treasures”

  1. I have such incredible memories of ice skating on the pond behind your home! Your dad would clear the snow off and test the ice to make sure it was safe to skate. One time he built a bonfire beside the pond for us to warm our hands! Your dad was amazing!!


  2. What a wonderful find!!! Your dad was such a wonderful, nice guy & I’m sure he loved his girls. I was in your moms 5th grade class when she left at semester to give birth to Gretchen, so I’ve known your family for many years. I can just see your dad ice skating out there on the pond – thanks for reminding us all to search out those long lost treasures that might be tucked away in our family homes & bring them to the forefront again to evoke such warm wonderful memories of the ones we love & hold dear. Merry Christmas!!


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